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PolA Author: 
Victor Islas
PolA Date: 
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
PolA Rationale: 

The current policies do not cover the ownership and utilization of Websites and Social Media Platforms. Websites and Social Media Platforms are an important communication tool for our district and clubs. These platforms allow us to share, learn, interact and market our district.

PolA Amendment: 

The District will maintain and administer a website and social media for the purpose of communication.

The District website and Social media platforms will be owned and managed by the district leadership and not any one individual.

Facebook: Pacific Northwest Optimist District
Instagram: Pacific Northwest Optimist District

The District website and Social media platforms must be in accordance with the Optimist International branding guidelines for marketing.

The Governor will appoint a Webmaster and Social Media Chair to work with the CD committee.

Only the Webmaster, Social Media Chair, Governor, and Governor-elect will be administrators for website and social media platforms.

Upon the resignation or termination of a position within the Pacific Northwest Optimist District leadership, any access to the social media accounts, website or email will be removed.

Any content related to club news will be shared first on a club social media page and then shared to the District page. If a club does not have a social media account, the content may be shared from the District page upon written request and must include verbiage indicating it is club news and not District news.

All posts to District Social Media must comply with the Social Media provider’s terms of use, data policy and community standards.

Administrators of the Website and Social Media accounts retain the right to remove or reject any content not in alignment with the policies or bylaws of Optimist International or the Pacific Northwest Optimist District.

PolA BoD Date: 
Saturday, August 21, 2021