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PolA Author: 
Victor Islas
PolA Date: 
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
PolA Rationale: 

In October of 2019 the district voted and approved the addition of the Governor-in-Training position. The Governor-in-Training position was established to provide an avenue for an individual who was interested in becoming the District Governor an extra year to prepare in training and development. Since the implementation of the position, it has been found that this position has no avenue of training within the professional development structure of Optimist International. The amendment would be to remove the Governor-In-Training position from District policies.

PolA Amendment: 

Governor-in-Training. The Governor-in-Training shall be elected at the Annual or a Special duly called District Convention by a majority vote of the votes cast of the Accredited Delegates present and voting at the time of the election. The Governor-in-Training shall not serve in any other elective office in the same year they are Governor-Elect.

PolA BoD Date: 
Saturday, August 21, 2021