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Looking forward to 3rd Quarter Conference


Judy and I have enjoyed our trips to the three 2nd Quarter Meetings. I want to thank all of the coordinators of those events. It is such a pleasure and joy to hear of all the good projects every club is doing for the kids in their community. It always make me proud of the clubs in the Pacific Northwest District. Judy and I will be heading to British Columbia next week for the CCDHH Contest in Burnaby on Monday and then a chance to visit several clubs during the week.

The 3rd Quarter Conference in Vancouver, WA. is coming up quickly. The Oratorical Contest is always real highlight during this meeting. Each participant does such a great job in giving his or her speech. Governor-Elect Ben DeRemer will be presenting an update on the Strategic Plan he is working hard putting together for us to consider and support.

Lynn Viner, our Leadership Chair, will being doing another presentation. She has always gotten very high praises for the past presentations she has done for the district. This time she will be presenting on the benefits of Empowerment.

Remember, the 3rd Quarter Conference is also the time we will vote on Lt. Governors for the coming year.

I hope as many of you as possible can make it to Vancouver.

Optimistically yours,

2017-18 Governor PNWD #32

Friday, April 13, 2018