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Convention Project


In preparation for your annual convention, I decided on an activity that should bring interest and pride to each and every Optimist. My wish and my goal is for our district to create a "Wall of Fame."

This project would ask each club within our district to reflect back upon a youth who had participated in one of their various projects who utilized the skills taught and interests cultivated to go on and become a more productive youth or young adult.

Ask members of your club if they recall a youth who has gone on to do greater things. An example would be one of your young athletes who may have gone on and received a college scholarship as a result of the experiences gained in your Optimist Youth Athletic efforts.

Your entry should include an 8 X 10 head shot or portrait of your entry individual and a one page bio of how the Optimist experience prepared that person for the gains in their life. This is a two page effort and that is all. Please send them in to your governor for preparation for the "Wall of Fame." It would be nice to be able to cover one wall of the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Boise, Idaho with our Optimist pride and bragging rights. We do wonderful things for our youth. Help us see those other youth further away in our district and get to know of their accomplishments.

It definitely does not need to be an athlete. I am aware of Oratorical winners who have used those honed skills to go on a do great things as well. See if you can find an essay winner who went on to become an author or an editor. Talk to your older members who may have been teachers or coaches during their more active years. I know we all have had youth who would deserve to be put on that wall.

Thursday, June 1, 2017