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4th Quarter District Convention


It is hard to believe that the 4th Quarter District Convention in Lebanon, Oregon is fast approaching. The dates are August 9 - 11. Lebanon is going all out for us, so I would highly encourage as many of you as possible to attend. It will be a good time to connect with other people from around the district, get training and take new ideas back to your clubs. Registration is available under the Meetings Headline on this page.

The 3rd Quarter Conference in Vancouver, WA was great. We had the pleasure of hearing some very bright and articulate students speak. The winner of this year's competition was Asha Mior from Delta, BC. She and her dad are headed to St. Louis this next week to compete in the Regional and hopefully the World Competition. Good Luck, Asha!

Ben DeRemer, our Governor-Elect, gave an update on the 2020 Vision and Strategic Plan he has been working on for the Pacific Northwest District. Included in his plan for next year is to expand our zones and the number of Lt. Governors so each one only has 3 or so clubs to work with. This should help with the ability of the Lt. Governors to have a more regular and personal contact with the clubs in his or her zone. Many other ideas are also being worked on and will be presented to the District for approval and support.

Judy read the following poem to the people at the conference, and I would like to share it with you:

Are You an Active Member?

Are you an active member,
the kind that would be missed,
Or are you just contented
that your name is on the list?

Do you attend the meetings
and mingle with the flock,
Or do you stay at home
and criticize and knock?

Do you take an active part
to help the work along,
Or are you merely satisfied
to simply just belong?

Do you ever work on committees
to see what makes them tick,
Or leave the work to just a few
and talk about the clique?

So come to all the meetings
and help with hand and heart,
Don't just be a member
but take an active part.

Won't you think this over,
you know right from wrong,
Are you an active member,
or do you just belong?

Author Unknown

We are looking forward to attending the International Convention in Ottawa in July, and look forward to seeing the people from our district.

Yours in Optimism,

2017-18 Governor PNWD #32

Friday, June 22, 2018