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Archive Governors Message

Governors Message Date Governor
4th Quarter District Convention 06/22/2018 Bruce Gilbertson
Looking forward to 3rd Quarter Conference 04/13/2018 Bruce Gilbertson
2nd Quarter 01/19/2018 Bruce Gilbertson
Christmas Greetings 12/23/2017 Bruce Gilbertson
November Greetings 11/13/2017 Bruce Gilbertson
1st District Conference Invite 10/01/2017 Bruce Gilbertson
Governor’s Message for June 07/01/2017 Rick Matkin
Convention Project 06/01/2017 Rick Matkin
Help Needed for NCB Surge Effort 05/15/2017 Rick Matkin
Governor’s Comments for May 05/01/2017 Rick Matkin