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OI Membership Incentives

PolA Author: 
Ben DeRemer, Gresham Scouters
PolA Date: 
Friday, July 20, 2018
PolA Rationale: 

The following proposal is presented as a recommendation by the Optimist International Board of Directors to all Optimist International Districts. Optimist International occasionally creates incentives to membership in which a specific price point is set for clubs to promote and incentive prospective members so that cost is not a barrier to joining. Our District Policies currently refer to College membership and FOO membership, but they do not account for other incentives that Optimist International is actively promoting. So that these incentives remain true to the costs of memberships that are promoted to these individuals, this proposal asks that no District dues are assessed to members while they are in enrolled in these programs. These programs typically last for a 12-month period, at which time their membership reverts to that of a regular member, and at which time they would begin paying for District dues.

PolA Section: 
Policy Article VI. District Finances
PolA Amendment: 

Section 3. Dues

  • B. Each Club shall pay zero district dues for any member in a post-secondary educational institution who is enrolled as a full time student, and any Friend of Optimist (FOO) member, and any member enrolled in an Optimist International Board of Directors approved membership incentive program that promotes a specific price point as a financial incentive.
PolA PassFail: 
PolA BoD Date: 
Saturday, August 11, 2018